My Training Buddy

This morning I ran 19 miles!  I am so excited about it.  After a terrible run last week where my knee was hurting and I had to stop at 10.5 miles, I was extremely excited that I finished today.

  My two running partners were out of town so I asked Ezra if he would ride his bike along with me.  He was a trooper and made it about 4 miles.  
It was so fun to chat with him.  We talked about snakes, one direction and rabbits.  He was very cautious on his bike which makes me happy.
8 weeks until marathon!


Ezra's Baptism

Today was such a special day.  Not only was it the 4th of July but Ezra was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Oma gave a talk about baptism and talked about how baptism is the key to return to our father in heaven.  Brandon baptized Ezra.  Both Papa B and Papa Menlove were the witnesses.  Cousin Camren was the photographer;)  He had his Iphone and recorded the ordinance.  Oops!  We had to ask him to delete it from his phone.  After the baptism, the missionaries that are serving in our ward bore their testimonies and showed a little video.  Grandma B then gave a talk on the Holy Ghost.  She talked about how we need to listen to the spirit and that it usually talks to us through our feelings.  She told the story of Abinadi and how the Holy Ghost spoke to Alma when Abinadi was talking to King Noah.
Next, Ezra was confirmed by his father Brandon with help from both grandpas, Uncle Justin, Jake and Brother Huff.  Both of Ezra's primary teachers came and gave the opening and closing prayers.

After we had an ice cream bar set up in the Young Women's room where we were able to chat and enjoy our family and friends.  

I am so proud of Ezra and his decision he made to be baptized.  It is so wonderful to see your children making the right decisions.  The spirit was very strong today and I know that Ezra felt it.  Berlynn was so sweet and could not stop crying during the talks.  I asked her why she was crying and she said, "She was just so proud of Ezra and she hopes he remembers this day forever."

Ezra said that the water was really cold .   He said, "I felt good inside and felt all clear.  I felt different and I felt like I had the Holy Ghost with me just by my side."


Nixon at 4.75 years old

"Mom, I wish I was a puppy"
"Why is that Nixon?"
"So I could scratch better."

We were having a 4th of July BBQ and Nixon was playing video games and would not get off.  I finally just turned off the Xbox so he would come to the party.

"Mom, I was having a good wife, and now you make me not have a good wife."


Clubfoot Baby

Today is a great day!  We went to see Dr. Hartman and he said Lilah only has to wear her brace at night.   Wahoo!  I am totally doing a happy dance.  The sad thing is, later that night, when I went to put the brace back on she totally through a fit.  She was kicking her legs and was screaming at the top of her lungs.  I have never had that hard of a time.  I hope that doesn't last.  She is my little drama mama.

Silly Nix

Nixon made up a new word and keeps using it.  
Yesternight-another meaning for last night.
  "Dad remember yesternight we were going to have a sleepover."  
He is such a fun kid.



It finally stopped raining and decided to become summer.  We were able to take the boat out this week.  The kids loved the new tube.  After falling off the tube Nixon said, "it was totally epic awesome!"


This summer has been full of baseball.  Ezra has been loving playing on the Bethke Ballers.  His team is full of his buddies from school.
We are so lucky to be partners in Comfort Dental.  They sponsor lots of events and the Rockies is one of them.  We all love going to the games to cheer for the Rockies.